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In a recent McKinsey study, research showed that companies that are more gender diverse are 21% more likely to outperform others; those that are ethnically diverse are 33% more likely to outperform others. Those are pretty significant returns!

Diversity alone doesn’t move your entire business forward—inclusion is an integral part. Even if a room is vastly diverse, if those unique perspectives aren’t being heard and if those people do not feel a sense of belonging, the impact is lost.

What we offer?

We offer workshops, seminars, talks, training and consulting around the following topics;

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Cross-cultural intelligence
  • Intercultural Communication
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Who are we?

Leo Campos

Leo Campos Aldunez - August 13, 2019

Leo Campos, originally from Chile has focused his career around communications, writing, translating, special media projects, immigration & settlement programs, producing documentaries, organizing communities and guiding social marketing & strategies for non-profit and finally business | personal coaching and project management.   Leo is passionate about international development, social justice, diversity & inclusion, and human rights in its broadest context and these have always been part of who he is.  Leo is bilingual – Spanish-English-Spanish, with some working French.   He is well-connected with extensive social & professional networks and enjoys the trust and confidence deposited in him by various colleagues & the communities he has served over the span of 20+ years.   Leo believes in synergies & compatibilities; in the common good and in values & endeavours that promote healthy, diverse, inclusive & more equitable-fair communities, relationships and ultimately societies.

Litzy Baeza

litzy 006

Litzy has worked in the field of international education for the past 15 years managing a variety of projects overseas, primarily in Latin America.  She started her work in the intercultural field in 2001, when working with international students and then moved on to independent consulting; facilitating intercultural communication seminars & workshops for a variety of clients from Edmonton.  Today Litzy is a full-time consultant & trainer focusing on intercultural competency, cross-cultural intelligence and diversity & inclusion training.  She also teaches an online course on Cross-Cultural Intelligence at NAIT.   Besides her experience in Canada, Litzy has lived and worked in Chile and Cuba working with a variety of clients on topics related to diversity and inclusion and cross-cultural intelligence.  Litzy is absolutely passionate about Diversity and Inclusion!

Watch Litzy’s disruptHR talk on ‘Cross-Cultural Intelligence & why it’s important even if you never leave the workplace!’

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