‘Litzy’s class helped me discover new perspectives and ideas of those who come from different cultures, or just different backgrounds than myself.  It helped to open my mind to new possibilities.  It has also made me more conscious of how I judge other cultures around me whether in my associations with others while reading the news, or viewing media.’

‘I really enjoyed how well this course tied together the cultural differences we see in society to business and how we can use cultural differences as a tool rather than a barrier.’

‘The biggest take away that I have learned from cross-cultural communication is that anyone can improve their interactions with people from other cultures.’

‘This course has been my favorite course thus far due to its applicability to so many aspects of life.’

‘Cross Culture Intelligence has been one of the best courses I have personally enrolled in.’

‘Because of Litzy’s training, I have started to appreciate other cultures and understand how one’s opinion is never wrong and how much of their culture can play on one’s life and the decisions they make.’

‘Litzy’s course material itself was thought-provoking and I found what I learned to be practical; something I could and have applied in day to day life.’

‘The training Litzy provided me and my family was very useful to understand Canadian culture and values.  The tips on Canadian culture are useful.’

‘El entrenamiento de Litzy sobre la cultura y comunicación de Cuba fue muy importante para aprender cómo hacer negocios en Cuba y mantener un equipo global.’

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